Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Patrick's Day in Vancouver

Looking for a place to celebrate with green beer tomorrow?

Go early!

All Irish pubs will fill fast and be jam-packed. I am glad I did a Pre-St Pat's Party Saturday.

Here is a list of locations to consider for an "authentic" (some more than others) Irish feel:

- Blarney Stone
216 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J1‎ - (604) 687-4322‎
One of my faves. I was there Saturday for my Pre-St Pat's Party. They have renovated and it's amazing (and holds more people now too - yay). Great service, Irish food, beer, live music and dancing. Go early this place has lines around the block.

- Irish Heather
212 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J1‎ - (604) 688-9779‎
Next door to Blarney Stone, I went here for the first time a few months ago for a friend's brithday. Great Irish food, Irish owners, a ton of beer and whiskey to choose from. Very small so go early or don't get in.

- Doolin's
654 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K4‎ - (604) 605-4343‎
Doolin's is larger than many pubs and has an advantage at night as it's attached to The Cellar nightclub downstairs. Good food, great atmosphere, again, go early.

- The Lennox
800 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K3‎ - (604) 408-0881‎
I have actually never been here. Let me know if you have and what you think in the comments.

- Ceili's
670 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E3‎ - (604) 697-0990‎
This place has multiple floors and lot's of space, a variety of items on their menu though doesn't feel as "authentic" as far as Irish Pubs go. It's a good time and upstairs has lot's of windows to overlook Granville Street.

- Morrissey
1227 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M6‎ - (604) 682-0909‎
Another one I have not been too, sorry.

- The Wicklow
610 Stamps Landng, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1‎ - (604) 879-0821
Never been here either.

- Smiley O'Neils
911 W.Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1L6‎ - (604) 662-8866‎
I went here for the first time when Vancouver's downtown lost their power. Somehow, Smiley's had it and I enjoyed their food, atmosphere and service. Reasonably priced drinks compared to many places and a diverse crowd.

I am sure there are St. Patrick's Day Thenes at all pubs in the city so go early and wait in line - have some Bangers & Mash, Fish & Chips or something Irish and Tasty... most of all enjoy some green beer and strong whiskey!


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