Monday, June 25, 2012

Jello Shots

I have made jellos shots for parties before. Big parties, small parties... the most I made was about 500 jello shots...

I had the island of my kitchen looking like a science lab with different bowls of different flavours and colours of jello mix.

Here is how to make them:

Follow Jello Box instructions EXCEPT when it says cold water, substitute half (give or take depending on how strong you want them) with booze. You need to still use SOME cold water and all the hot water or they won't set as well.

1. Add hot boiled water to the jello powder in a bowl.

2. Stir until powder is dissolved.

3. Add half the amount of cold water.

4. Add the remaining amount called for of cold water using your favourite booze.

5. Pour into small cups (I use the paper bathroom dixie cups, McDonalds ketchup cups work too) or citrus fruit (See photos below)

6. Sit in frigde to set. (I put on cookie trays and stack in my fridge several hours before or night before party)

Usually they are ready within a few hours, depending on the amount and concentrate of booze.

So fill limes like this then slice them up:

These are cute too, look like little watermelons...

Flavours to Try:

-Lemon Jello & Pinnacle Whipped Vodka - tastes like lemon merainge pie

-Orange Jello & Pinnacle Whipped Vodka - tastes like orange creamsicle

-Orange Jello & Malibu - tastes like a tropical treat

-Lime Jello & Tequila - try pouring into cut limes

-Strawberry or Blue Raspberry & any flavour - my favourite mmm... even use plain vodka or rum, no extra flavour required.

Try different flavoured jello and booze to create yummy treats.

More Tips:

-If using plastic cups spray with cooking spray first so they unstick easier after.

-If you want layered coloursw simply pour in a bit of one colour, let it set, pour in 2nd layer, let it set and so on.

-put popcicle sticks or toothpicks in to set as well for easier removal. (I don't do this as the paper cups can be squeezed to get jello out).

-Experiement with flavours!!!

Comment on any flavours you love below....

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