Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Dinner Out - The Keg

Last night we went to The Keg for dinner.

I ordered what I always order, the Creole Chicken. I am hooked on that item since forever.

My husband got the Prime Rib and added on Tiger Shrimp and my kiddo got the BBQ Chicken.

I didn't even take photos of the food I was so hungry we dug right in - however - I did take some pre dinner photos.

I had a kiwi-tini which was absolutely amazing. I am going to develop/research/find a good kiwi-tini recipe to post soon.

We also had some delicious appetizers including the spinach, artichoke and crab dip as well as the Flatbread.

Here are my pre-dinner shots of my martini and you can see the appies in behind also:

Delicious <3


  1. omg i tried that kiwi tini too and it was sooooo good i wish i could have the right recipe for it

  2. i had one tonight .. loovee it .. and i took a picture of the recipie but i don't know how much of each thing lol