Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live City Downtown Vancouver

More free programming during the Olympics. With the amount people spend to come here [and for me, the amount I can't afford to go to actual Olympic events] it's nice to see all this free stuff popping up.

Live City Downtown Vancouver will be at Georgia and Cambie Streets in the heart of downtown Vancouver. They will feature free concerts and live entertainment along with giant screens to keep up with all the Olympic Winter Game coverage.

Live City Downtown Vancouver is expected to be open 11am-12:30am throughout the Olympics Games and is all free with no tickets required.

Live performances from Jessie Farrell, Romy Mayes, Soulstream and more.

LiveCity Downtown is all about the spirit of Olympic
Winter Games competition. This is the place to mingle
with friends from across the country and around the
world. Watch daily sport competition live on the giant
screens, enjoy the best in local food and drink and
cheer our athletes on to gold.

It's "sister-site" is Live City Yaletown which will be open 11am - 11pm and is located at David Lam Park in Yaletown.

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