Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can't be at the Games? Host your own Olympic Party

Not everyone can get to the games, but enjoying and celebrating the Olympics is easy to do from home.

First of all, the games are played (and replayed) all day on almost every channel. Invite some friends over and let the party begin...


Ask friends choose a country and make a dish that is authentic to that country. A variety of ethnic food will help everyone get into the spirit. Or choose a country you are rooting for and doo all the foods from that one country.

I root for Canada so I would make poutine, pancakes with Maple Syrup and maybe some smoked salmon ha ha ha. - - - OK - - - I am joking... mostly.

But there are many countries with such delicious food, it would be fun.


You have to have booze. Again, you could base your drinks on a particular country (I would say Canadian Whiskey for example) but why stop there?

Make Olympic Medal Martini's in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Try drinks with your favourite countries flag colours.

Garnish with mini flag stir sticks or toothpicks (you can usually find at the dollar store)


Flags is the easy answer, big ones, small ones, a variety of ones... though you can use items from whatever sport you are watching to get into the spirit.

At a hockey party I had people over with their hockey masks and sticks with Canada Flags on them.... Very Fun!

Just don't use the olympic rings - Vanoc will get you ;)


As if the food and booze weren't enough... I have coloured sparklers and some fireworks in which I use to celebrate. When Canada got their first Gold (Love you Alex Bilodeau) we set off the red and gold while my daughter had red sparklers sizzling as she drew shapes in the sky wearing her Canada Jersey.

Of course hooting and hollering and screaming and cheering works well too ;)

So, no matter where you are - enjoy the Olympics and Celebrate!

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