Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Bouquets of Green Flowers

CTV Reports:
The bouquets presented to medalists at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games have been seen on televisions and in pictures around the world.

But the bouquets are more than just pretty flowers. A lot of thought and design revisions went into making them, and they are helping to give people a second chance.

The bouquets feature plants and foliage were chosen to represent British Columbia and Canada and include various shades of green, from spider mums, hypericum berries and broad leaf greens to loops of monkey grass, leatherleaf fern and aspidistra leaves.

When I first saw them I was confused. I really expected red and white, perhaps dogwood which is our BC Flower and maybe even some symbolic red maple leaves... tee hee.

I am not a florist... I just know pretty.... and though green is my favourite colour, these bouquets just aren't that pretty.

CTV Continues:

The bouquets are green in more ways than one. They are wrapped in recycled, chlorine and acid-free paper, and the flowers are from environmentally-friendly farms in Ecuador.

"The problem that we have about [our] native plants and using some of our own plant material at this time of the year [is] we're in our winter months, where we don't have light levels to kind of sustain or be able to provide a supply of flowers," Ferragine said.

As well, many of the women making the bouquets are part of a program that trains people who have overcome drug problems and criminal pasts.

Well, at least they get a gold, silver or bronze medal too ;)

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