Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today Show at Grouse Mountain - Monday February 15, 2010

This morning my husband, daughter and I woke up at 3am and went to Grouse Mountain for another session with the Today Show.

It was busier than Friday and there were tons of kids there this time.

We didn't even try to find a spot inside but instead enjoyed the outdoor filming.

We knew Wayne Gretzky was going to be there and also KD Lang. We also new some of the USA Olympians would be there but what we did not expect was to see Canada's Gold Medallist Alexandre Bilodeau up on the mountain!

What an amazing experience to meet the man who brought the first gold home on Canadian soil.

Alex Bilodeau

I'm not gonna lie - - - I teared up with excitment and pride.

My kiddo was a superstar and got hugs and gifts from all the hosts and even got to pose with USA nordic combo Silver Medalist Johnny Spillane... with his silver medal!

We also met the very kind Shane Koyczan (Slam Poet from Opening Ceremonies) and the VERY talented KD Lang.

My husband's fave was of course the great one - Wayne Gretzky

We met everyone, got photos and autographs and enjoyed ourselves until our toes were cold and we had to head home for school (kiddo) and work (me)

It was a long day - I have been up far too long.... Sorry for lack of details but all my photos are on my facebook "Mandy S Mind"

If you haven't gone to Grouse I suggest checking it out.

Go during the Olympics to see live taping of the Today Show - it's such a blast!

Go early as the first 100 people are free and the show begins taping at 4am LIVE. The guests and hosts move around *ALOT* so inside or outside you will get to see a lot of action and really appreciate how the show is created.

The crew is super awesome and helpful in letting you know what's coming up so you can avoid, or b-line for the next location shoot. Lot's of swag given out and just a great atmosphere!

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