Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I love Bellini's.

More specifically, the frozen bellini.

Wikipedia says:
A Bellini is a long drink cocktail that originated in Venice. It is a mixture of sparkling wine (traditionally Prosecco) and peach purée often served at celebrations. It is one of Italy's most popular cocktails. A frozen Bellini is the signature drink of Romano's Macaroni Grill.

I have to admit I have yet to master the art of making a frozen bellini at home, but we just bought a new blender which we hope will help us perfect this drink.

At Cactus Club, Milestones or many other resturants I order Bellini's that are made to perfection. Boston Pizza (and other resturants also) serve flavoured bellini's such as Mango and Raspberry, but the most common flavour is simply Peach.

I like all the flavours but prefer the blended frozen version to be topped with sangria.

Which by the way, I have amazing recipies for also... coming soon.

Here is a site who found the Milestones recipe:
North Space:

Milestone's uses “A cool blend of Lamb’s white rum, peach liqueur and champagne, topped with sangria” however the “peach liqueur” is actually peach drink flavoured crystals [the grocery store has packets] mixed with 7-Up. Milestones mix it all up in a slushy machine ready to pour into a martini glass, top it with sangria around the edges, and garnish with a plastic toy monkey, mermaid or elephant. [Frogstone grill uses frogs]

You can do this....

Try this:

-9 parts 7-Up mixed with peach crystals (frozen beforehand to form the slush.. I have tried to do this blended with ice and it isn't as tastey)
-12 parts champagne
-4 parts white rum
-“Sangria” topping [I will have sangria recipes coming soon, for now try red wine, 7-Up, brandy & orange juice.

Be sure to fiddle with the ingredients to suit your personal taste. I usually just pop up the street to Milestones, Cactus Club, Earl's or one of those kinds of places that have slurpee machines and ingredients ready to serve me.... at home it tends to get messy and takes time to sort out exactly how you like yours.... but for those not in Vancouver or near a bellini haven like myself.... give it a go!!!

My only advice about bellini's is to sip slowly.... or you will get a brain freeze!!!

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  1. I make Bellini's with frozen peaches and peach nectar with champagne. Most frozen peaches have no sugar added so depending on taste you might want to add a little to the peaches before you blend them with the nectar (in Blender) then add champagne. Makes all the difference, nice and slushy. Yummy wish I had one now!