Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cosmo Varies from bartender to bartender....

Saturday Evening I went to a friend's birthday bash at an Irish Pub and although they allegedly had superb food [a friend had Bangers & Mash that was apparently delish...look at this photo, mmmm...]

They didn't have martini's *gasp* The server, who I actually knew through a mutual friend, said "Well, I could probably make a cosmo"

*gasp* I can't imagine what an Irish Pub's version of a cosmo might be.... I opted for whiskey... I do like whiskey... but I am not a beer drinker [despite the numerous beers they had available... their whiskey selection was equally impressive]

Anyways, it got me thinking, of just how different a cosmo is at different bars... I mean it SHOULD be straight forward, but too often people mix, adjust and create.... and I love it...

Here are a few of my fave versions of the popular Cosmopolitan Martini:

-8 parts vodka
-2 parts cranberry juice
-1 part lime cordial
-1 part triple sec

Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

-4 parts citron vodka
-3 parts triple sec
-1 part carnberry
-1 part lemon juice

Garnish with a Lemon Slice

-2 parts vodka
-1 part triple sec
-1 part lime cordial
-1 part cranberry juice

Garnish with a lime wedge

-8 parts vodka
-4 parts triple sec
-1 part lime juice

Garnish with a citrus slice or wedge.

-8 parts vodka
-8 parts carnberry juice
-4 parts lime juice
-4 parts grand marnier

Garnish with a Lime Twist.


  1. The picture that you've posted is of a half portion of bangers and mash, hence the small portion. The sausage is handmade by JN & Z on Commercial drive i.e. natural casing, all muscle, no additives or bi-product. The onion rings are corn meal encrusted, the gravy is a veal demi, decent mash, etc

    It is cool if you didn't like it (you did taste it, right?) but I'd be much obliged if you tell people that it is a half portion....it would be unfair if folk were misled.


    Sean Heather

  2. Oh I didn't taste it - but it was apparently delicious!! I don't know I didn't eat - that is why I said "allegedly" I couldn't say either way - smelled good, looked good, and everyone eating said it tasted amazing - - :)