Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chocolate Lovers Dream - Martini Recipies

Chocolate Dreams

-2 parts vodka
-1 part Bailey's
-1 part Creme de cacao

Pour all into a shaker with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass. Top glass with whipped cream and a drizzle of bailey's

Chocoalte Martini

-6 parts vodka
-1 part creme de cacao

Garnish with a Choclate curl.

This one is good if you like those Terry's Orange Chocolate's that you smack to crack.... mmmm

Chocolate Devil Martini

-3 parts vodka
-1 part creme de cacao
-1 part melon liqueur
-1 part cranberry juice
-1 part orange juice

Garnish with an Orange slice

Another Orange one (even better than previous if you like the orange/chocolate combo - i know some do not)

Chocorange Martini

-2 parts vodka
-2 parts creme de cacao
-1 part orange brandy

Garnish with an orange slice.

I, as a rule, do not do banana drinks... too often they come out icky... I love banana's but not that fake banana flavouring... however, this one is really quite yummy.

Chocolate Monkey

-6 parts vodka
-5 parts creme de cacao
-1 part banana liqueur

Garnish with a chocolate dipped banana slice.

I could go on - there are so many chocolate martini's.... but I will save those for another day ;)

**TIP - If you use thick chocolate syrup to line your glass before carefully putting drink in - you can acchieve neat designs such as this:

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