Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Robin Fave

My absolute favourite burger at Red Robin is the California Chicken Burger. Not just for the guacamole..... but the bacon, the tender chicken breast and the bottomless french fries.... which, I forgot when I was there earlier, can come as a poutine now.... Mmmmm.....

I went to Red Robin for dinner with one of my besties for our usual chit chat eats. caught up on the gossip then came to my place to hang out.

Something about the California Chicken Burger always makes me happy....

And the bottomless fries... so unhealthy but so tastey.... I like to dip them in Ranch, Plum Sauce and Hot Buzz Sauce.

**PS - Poutine and Plum Sauce are both quite Canadian... if you do not know what they are click the links for details!

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