Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frog Stone Grill

The Frog Stone Grill is in Maple Ridge and Coquitlam BC and offers a variety of food in a casual setting fun for friends, co-workers and families to get together.

My husband and I love to go for their guacamole, which they hand-make at your table to your tastes. They also offer a children's menu so we can bring the lil' one along [unless it's date night, then she gets home-made dinner with Gramma]

It's a great combination of food and drinks.

Their drink menu has a variety of martini's, bellini's, cocktails and something in between. I love the way they combine slushed drinks with martini's for a rare mixture of sweet flavours.

The decor has a frog theme in the rainforest and they have lil' toy frogs served with all their bevvies.

I love going their for drinks and dinner [and guacamole] with my husband whenever we can.

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  1. We are in Victoria... may have to try the Frogstone grill :-)