Sunday, December 27, 2009

Left Over Turkey

We usually do Turkey at my parents and don't have left-overs, which is a shame, because I love left over turkey dinner food... you can do so much with it - here are some suggestions...


Turkey (I prefer white meat personally) with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy... delish!


This is really simple, you can make your own broth using the turkey bones or use canned and add your meat, veggies and whatnot... Mmmm


Bake turkey, stuffing, gravy and veggies and top with cranberry sauce... you can also add rice or potatoes to this... do it in layers works best, but a mix-mash is ok also.

Sometimes I will add veggies to the casserole for some variety (I mean, how many days can you really eat yams, turnips and brussell sprouts? honestly, I can't even eat them one day, I dislike ALL of those veggies and those are the ones my momma makes, so typically I make carrots, corn, green beans... but to each their own)

If you want unique ideas try This Website with a ton of recipes for you and your left-over turkey dinner.

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