Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sip Resto Lounge

Sip Resto Lounge is a wonderful lil' lounge on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver.

Though Granville St. is home to the night clubs in the evening and a questionable crowd in the daylight, Sip Resto offers an ambience and relaxed setting with delicious and unique food.

Their uniqueness is that everything they cook contains alcohol.

From the Seven Cheesey Dip (7 cheeses, sun-dried tomato, spinach and glenfiddich served with a pita for dipping at $14) to the Thyme Chicken Fettucini (with cherry tomatos, capers, lemon, grilled asparagus, fresh basil, asiago, and a chardonnay cream sauce for $18) to the Pina Colada Prawns (with bacardi glaze and malibu dip at $12) EVERYTHING has alcohol in it to some extent.

Some of the flavours are interestingly paired, but much of the food I have tried there is absolutely delicious.

The staff is friendly for the most part and it can get quite packed on weekend evenings (the venue itself is quite small and narrow - with next to no bathroom space)

I have been with a few friends and we really enjoyed their selection and variety. It's fun to take out of town guests or first - timers there also and boast "everything has alcohol in it so be prepared"

Let me know if you go and what you like best.

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