Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Parties

Last year I tried to go to 3 holiday parties in one evening and made it to one. A mixture of alcohol and snow prevented me from getting to all of them in one evening.

This year I limited myself to two an evening. Weekends are busy and December only has a few weekends before the holidays, so they get pretty packed.

There are different kinds of Holiday Parties I attended this year, work, friends, family, acquaintences.... bars, houses, halls, resturants..... large, small, intimate, professional..... but all had amazing food, delicious drinks and great company.

Here are some things I look for at Holiday Parties:

  • Star Cookies - My friend Sarah makes these tiny gingerbread star cookies. She sandwiches them together with home-made carmel and they are delicious! Every year she saves me some, even if I can't make her annual shindig (I did make it this year!!! and was rewarded with EXTRA star cookies - SCORE!)

  • Fondue - fondue parties are so much fun... I am lucky to have a bunch of fondue stuff but haven't hosted a fondue party (yet). The first one I went to was the best a couple years ago they had three tables of fondue set up with everything you can imagine. I will do a fondue party post soon I promise.

  • Music - I like classic Christmas Music playing softly in the background, nothing loud or overpowering, my fave part of holiday parties (besides great food and drink) is mingling and chatting with people.

  • Festive Decor - I am not saying go nuts, but if it's a holiday party, we need some lights, greenery and red or gold colour themes people!

  • Naniamo Bars - Any home-made version of this is amazing, store bought is ok the rest of the year, but at Christmas, home-made it is.

  • Artichoke & Asiago Dip - I go crazy for this stuff.

  • Spinach Dip & Sourdough - What can I say? I am a dippy girl... I love dips, fondue, sauces.... Spinach Dip is a classic appie but I can make an AMAZING dip that an old friend taought me years ago. I will post the recipe soon.

  • Eggnog - Holiday Must. Avec Booze.

  • Alcohol - I like a wide selection. If it's a bar or restaurant it's all good, house parties should have a variety of booze or let guests know to BYOB. I often Bring a bottle of my fave when i go to a dinner party or house part, or if I host I plan a feature drink and have a wide selection of alternatives... I also tell people to bring a bottle for the bar that way we have even more variety and everyone can help themselves. Beer Drinkers... you are outta luck, I am not a beer drinker, I usually have a case in the fridge for my hubby and that's that.

  • Tarts - A typical dessert but if done right are memorable and a sweet treat & easy to serve at parties, less mess than cake or pie or other desserts.

  • Meat - Sausage Rolls, Swedish Meatballs, boneless wings, anything bite-size and hearty... I am all for vegetarian alternatives but we need to keep the carnivores happy also. I was a vegetarian for 10 years, but now, meat is on the menu always.

  • Safe Ride Home - If it's a small party, spare rooms, DD's or transit/cab ride home should be available or planned. Larger parties I think cab vouchers are a great neccessity, though I hope everyone is responsible enough to plan ahead and plan a safe way home.

  • I know that's fairly random and broad but those are the things I like most and/or need from Holiday Parties.

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