Thursday, December 10, 2009


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Those who know me know how much I love guacamole. I always crave it. I always order extra and I always add it to any food I can. This is the first, but certainly not the last time I will have something about Guacamole on this blog.... deal with it.

I love chunky guacamole, home-made with lot's of bits of tomato and extra lime and a bit of cilantro.

My first time in Mexico my husband and I were drunk off too much tequilla and wandered into a little beach front Taco Shop. We ordered some fajita's to share and I asked for Guacamole.

Turns out, Guacamole is an entire meal in itself.... they brought me out this massive plate of green gooeyness. It was awesome.

Chips and Tortilla Shells went flying as I gobbled up that green goodness.

I have dozens of recipies for guacamole but I am not picky, as long as it isn't that "gucacmole dip" they try to sell at the local supermarket, I am happy.

View all Guacamole Recipes Here

Frogstone Grill makes it right at your table and I literally go there JUST FOR THAT. They bring the avocado and salt and pepper and jalepeno's and lime and tomato and cilantro and mash it up to your tasting... freaking AWESOME!

Mmmm.. I even had guacamole with dinner tonight and just talking about it makes me want more.....

You've been warned!

View all Guacamole Recipes Here

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